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In business, you can often find that things turn out quite differently from how you had imagined. A contract is not honoured, for example, or a landlord does not answer your questions. An IT project may overrun its deadline, or an employee may fail to improve his performance. There can be issues with shareholders who fail to agree or a local council that refuses to grant the right permits. In these kinds of situation, people have a tendency to dig their heels in and insist that they are right.

Taking a few steps back from a frustrating situation can really help you to see it more clearly. A little distance from everyday stresses can help you see the bigger picture of where you are and reflect on how problems can be resolved – not only in legal terms, but also in simple practical terms. And finding a resolution need not necessarily involve resorting to legal action. Legal proceedings can take a long time and the costs add up very quickly. But what is more, going to court also generally means the end of a business relationship, when it is possible that simple miscommunication has played a major role. In reality, both parties may continue to share the same interests, just as they did before.

As external business lawyers, we can help you to manage the legal risks associated with doing business. By encouraging mediation and the development of mediation skills, we can help parties resolve their differences and reach a resolution. This gives them maximum control over settling their dispute, saving them a lot of money, and just as importantly, it enables them to focus all their attention on new opportunities again.

Businesspeople from many different sectors of the business community have been clients of our practice since 1991. They stay with us in order to benefit from the added value of our approach to dispute resolution. Our foreign language skills and extensive international network has led to the fact many internationally operating companies have become our clients as well; Dutch companies doing business abroad as well as foreign companies doing business in the Netherlands.
Schoenmaker Bedrijfsjuridisch Advies & Mediation (Schoenmaker Legal Advice for Business & Mediation) currently consists of two lawyers, Ben Schoenmaker and Ben Heijmeijer.

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