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Mediation, together at the table in a positive atmosphere

Mediation is maximum direction for a good outcome

In SMEs, the work is hard. There is usually no time for proper communication. As a result, intentions or expectations of each often remain unspoken. That can make things tense between partners, family members, customers, suppliers or staff members. Tensions that also have a big impact in private. If those involved then choose mediation, they have maximum control over a good outcome.

Mediation is also commonly used in divorce. The decision to end the relationship is usually preceded by a long period of time. With many emotions, arguments and worries about how to proceed. Through mediation, this difficult period can be kept short, after which everyone can focus her/his energy on the future.

The mediator creates a confidential and positive climate for conversation. In that atmosphere, parties can more easily talk to each other and make their interests clear. As a result, mutual understanding increases, discussions run more smoothly and with the end result: a sustainable solution.

Numerous benefits of mediation

Mediation benefits the parties involved in many ways.

  • In mediation, you have maximum influence on the outcome.
  • The relationship between the parties is improving.
  • Within 2 to 4 conversations / weeks you can already be out together.
  • The cost of this form of mediation is relatively low and is paid for jointly by the parties.
  • Last but not least, the dispute remains confidential.

Desirable direction of future

Mediation is ideally suited for issues where the parties will meet or work together more frequently in the future. At Schoenmaker Bedrijfsjuridisch Advies & Mediation, Ben Schoenmaker is the mediation specialist.

If a situation calls for it, as an MfN-registered mediator he works together with his fellow mediators from Mediationgroepholland (MGH). Within the MGH, the five mediators, each with his or her own discipline, have combined their expertise in this specific field.

Our specializations within mediation

Ben Schoenmaker ‘s specializations in mediation are:

  • Business conflicts between entrepreneurs.
  • Labor disputes with or between employees.
  • Problems in a family.
  • Division of an estate.
  • Divorce.
  • Neighborhood squabbles.
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