Specialisms of Schoenmaker corporate legal advice & mediation

Specialties of Schoenmaker Business Legal Advice and Mediation

Expertise in various types of law

Over the course of some 30 years, we have built up a wealth of specialist experience. This allows Schoenmaker Corporate Legal Advice & Mediation to assist clients, both corporate and private, in a variety of areas.

From legal advice to mediation

For companies, this is, for example, in the areas of business law, contracts, protection of know-how or innovations, and problems with governments. But entrepreneurs and individuals can also come to us for expert advice or support with regard to work-related issues. This also applies to mediation in the business or private sphere.

With our specialties, we can take care of you in many areas.

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Labor Law

Employment conflicts, the procedure surrounding a dismissal, reorganization? These are all issues that you, as a business owner, may have to deal with and that need to be properly regulated.

Schoenmaker Advies - Icon Contracts


Agreements are an indispensable basis for good business. How do you record that unambiguously? Or what to do if a contract is not fulfilled?

Schoenmaker Advies - Icon ICT Law


In the field of ICT law, there is a broad enumeration of points that entrepreneurs should keep a close eye on in the legal field.

Schoenmaker Advies - Icon Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Anyone starting a business will need to get their legal affairs right beforehand, especially if there are multiple owners . If the business has been running for a while, then an update is advisable, a 'legal MOT'.

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Spatial Planning

The possibilities for use that an entrepreneur wants for his business location sometimes do not correspond with the (zoning) plans that a municipality has for a certain area. Timely and appropriate action is then called for.

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When the chips are down between the parties, using a mediator often leads to a more appropriate, quicker and cheaper solution than going to court.