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Ben Schoenmaker has his own column in the Ondernemerscafé on Radio Aalsmeer


Ben Schoenmaker

Ben Schoenmaker graduated from the University of Leiden in 1984. Ben Schoenmaker is a generalist, with extensive corporate legal experience in the field of:

* Labour law

* Contract law

* Corporate law

* ICT law and

* Legal issues with governments. 

He acquired that experience during 7 years as legal counsel at the flower auction in Aalsmeer and as external corporate lawyer for entrepreneurs since 1991. Ben Schoenmaker has also been a mediator in the field of corporate conflicts between entrepreneurs, legal disputes, divorce, inheritance and neighbourhood conflicts since 1997.

Ben Schoenmaker is registered with the Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN) and is a member of NEVOA, the professional organisation for corporate law advisors and of the Agricultural Law Association (VAR). He is also one of the founding members of MediatonGroepHolland (MGH).

Ben Schoenmaker can be reached by e-mail at

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