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When disputes escalate and the parties involved end up in court, costs tend to escalate just as quickly. Mediation is an alternative way of resolving disputes. A mediator creates a positive atmosphere for dialogue, which encourages the parties involved to communicate and clarify their interests. This, in turn, creates better mutual understanding and often leads to more fruitful negotiations and a long-term resolution.

There are many benefits to mediation: it empowers the parties to influence the outcome, it fosters the relationship between the parties, it can be quicker than recourse to the courts, the costs are usually lower and are shared by both parties, and finally, the dispute remains confidential.

Cases where those involved will continue to come into contact or work together in the future are particularly suited to resolution through mediation.
Ben Schoenmaker is registered as a mediator with the Dutch Federation of Mediators (MfN), sometimes working in conjunction with other mediators from MediationGroepHolland.

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